IT seems Mr Corbyn is determined to override the people’s vote, but does he care about the cost to the country or does he just want to destroy it?

Money does not grow on trees yet we keep wasting it, as though the cost of yet another referendum is nothing. So let’s think about it — if Corbyn gets his way and wins this referendum against the vote of the people, it would be one to Brexiters and one to Remainers.

Our irresponsible MPs refuse to accept the public vote. It seems they want their own way on this result as against the majority vote.This clearly should not be overridden at any costs — after all, the cost of another referendum would be astronomical and could be far better spent on other public services.

It’s gone on long enough and after all it is our money they are throwing away. Get rid of the MPs and get six successful businessmen/women to run the country properly as there is too much bickering going on under Parliament’s roof. People are getting fed up with it.

WH Collison