OUR MPs from all parties have forgotten they are there to do our bidding, not theirs.

Britain voted to leave the EU fully and totally, not part in, part out ­— full out, no costumes union no single market. These remainers, both MPs and members of the unelected House of Lords are trying to overturn the will of the public.

Their disgraceful behaviour has damaged the deal we would have got from the EU.

This is damaging to both Europe and the United Kingdom.

They must fulfill the people's choice and pull together voting for us to leave on the March 29.

There most be no second referendum on leaving the EU.

We do not get a second General Election vote if we do not like the result we accept democracy.

By all means put the deal to the public with two questions only:

1 Accept Irish Back Stop until March 29, 2021 with a condition that a totally free trade deal will be accepted by the EU by this date.

2 Leave now with no deal and no divorce payment to the EU.

Let's gets this over and done with and any MP who cannot vote for democracy must resign.

Ian A Hardman

The Stray