MALCOLM Pittock recently wrote to The Bolton News letters in praise of Jeremy Corbyn as a harmless, gentle old grandpa without a trace of racism in him.

Ian Greenhalgh also wrote to say that the Labour MPs who have recently abandoned their party are driven by a wish to get rid of Corbyn.

I have voted Labour all of my life, albeit occasionally reluctantly, but under Corbyn, Labour has changed, not so much in to the nasty party, as the Nazi party.

Corbyn himself fits the bill for most Labour "intellectual working class warriors".

He is from an affluent background, raised in a manor house, was privately educated, and gets some kind of sad vicarious thrill from associating with terrorists, dictators and butchers.

Should he find himself as the prime minister of the UK, he will be "the most indolent, least articulate, least intelligent and laziest holder of the post, in history", according to his biographer.

You have to ask yourself why his more intelligent Marxist and Momentum supporters (who are now the real power in Labour) tolerate him and the likes of Dianne Abbott.

The simple answer is that they are what Marxists need at this stage ­— ‘useful idiots’.

They will do as instructed. This week, for example, Corbyn, leading his "party of the people" have announced that they are now in favour of a second referendum on Europe.

The workers voted otherwise.

I remain mystified about why Marxists and other extreme-left groups are ever associated with the well being of workers and "the people".

Throughout history, from Stalin and Pol Pot through to Maduro in Venezuala today, they have subjugated, murdered, cleansed, transported, incarcerated, and starved their workers.

At the same time, these Marxist regimes have built their clique’s of wealthy individuals, union leaders, military henchmen, police states, useful idiots and the like, and have normally plundered the nations wealth, using murder to silence criticism.

Is this really what left-wing students and starry-eyed idealists want for "workers" in the UK?

Corbyn is not the problem. The hate-filled, racist anti-Semites behind him are.

If Corbyn’s Labour got in to power, is it really too far fetched to imagine Jewish shops being daubed with the Star of David, and Jewish shop windows being smashed? Not in our name, Labour!

As to Ian Greenalgh’s breakaway MPs (Labour and Tory) they are drawn from the existing bunch of MPs who have got the UK in to a dithering humiliating mess over the past two years on Brexit.

It is not new parties we want, it is new MPs ­— preferably with some life experience amongst real workers and their families.

Ron Shambley

Clough Avenue