FORMER Bolton Wanderers manager Sam Allardyce has praised Donald Trump and slammed Theresa May.

Speaking on The Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show on talkSPORT, 'Big Sam' said of the US President: “He’s done more for America than we could ever imagine. I think in turning the economy around, their economy’s booming."

He suggested that the Prime Minister could learn some lessons from Donald Trump on how to negotiate.

"We’re just making a complete and utter mess, looking so stupid at the political level. It is embarrassing," he added.

“He’s a businessman and that’s why he knows when the time is right to get the deal done, or not get it done, and say ‘we’re going to have to play a little bit of a game here’ and he just walks off."

Allardyce's former Wanderers team mate Peter Reid replied to a video of the comments on Twitter.

He tweeted: "The American economy was turned round by President Obama, the alleged racist, con man and proven liar has the intelligence to keep it going. Clever man eh."