A WOMAN came home from a night out to discover she had a gas leak.

Firefighters from Atherton Fire Station were called to a house on Southfield Drive, in Westhoughton, just after 2am today.

When they arrived, firefighters discovered the flexible hose from the back of the cooker was damaged and was leaking gas.

After isolating the leak, Cadent Gas were informed and engineers came to cap it off.

A spokesman for Atherton Fire Station said: "We attended a gas leak just after 2am.

"The lady who lived there was already outside when we arrived.

"We isolated the leak and then engineers from Cadent Gas came and capped it off.

"After that we naturally ventilated the property by opening windows. We were there for around an hour.

"The lady was fine, she had just come in from a night out and smelled gas."