DO you go out partying in Bolton town centre?

That's the question we are asking readers in our daily poll today.

I know I was always on tenterhooks if one of my teenagers joined a group partying in Bolton at night. And there were times, in light of stories we have published in these pages, that I just said no.

Recently, at the leaving do of one of our colleagues, we left later than usual and had to walk down Bradshawgate at midnight.

Maybe I'm a bit too delicate, but it was certainly not a walk for the fainthearted! My companion compared the scene to Gin Lane from The Rake's Progress with the number of drunken people spilling on to the street.

Today we report on a fight that broke out outside a bar in Bradshawgate in the early hours of Saturday.

Typical night out in Bolton, commented a worker at one pub.

Bolton Council and owners of venues in Bolton have made serious efforts to make the town centre the kind of place where people want to go out for a meal and generally enjoy leisure time.

Nights out at The Vaults definitely offer that kind of family and after-work experience.

But when you head towards the wee small hours, it seems Bradshawgate and the streets around it are still only for hardened revellers who can keep their wits about them and know how to avoid the odd fracas that might kick off without warning.