THE success of hyper-local parties in Bolton's townships continues as further plans are revealed.

Independent party Farnworth and Kearsley First has announced its candidates standing in the May borough council elections. Party leader Peter Flitcroft is standing for the highly contested seat, Harper Green, while Paul Heslop stands for Kearsley and Lisa Weatherby stands for Farnworth.

Mr Flitcroft said: "We achieved 25% of the vote at last year’s election and we feel that a combination of our Party’s message, a strong candidate and a push to increase voter turnout will help us secure a victory that will see our Party representing every bit of Farnworth & Kearsley. Having been the Leader of Farnworth and Kearsley First for the past two years, I feel that I am well placed to bring Harper Green into the spotlight and as with the Farnworth and Kearsley wards, will campaign for, and hopefully achieve a better Harper Green for all the residents of the ward."

Mr Heslop said: "I believe that Cllr Pattison and I will provide the people of Kearsley something that they have not had for many years – effective representatives that put the people of Kearsley first."

Ms Weatherby said: "We believe that if successful at the May elections then we may hold the balance of power and will ensure that the leverage of our increased numbers will ensure that services and amenities are returned to Farnworth."

Farnworth and Kearsley First has been a party since September, 2017.

Just six months later, Cllr Paul Sanders beat a Labour candidate to win the party's first seat in a Farnworth by-election. Cllr Julie Patterson from the party was then elected for the Kearsley ward.

Now, Westhoughton Independents is pursuing the aim of becoming an official party.

The Westhoughton Independents also follow the lead of the Horwich First and Blackrod First community groups, which united to achieve party status and became Horwich and Blackrod First Independents.

Steven Chadwick, a member of Horwich First, said: "It's great to see Independent groups appearing across the borough and the wider area, all with similar aims and values, with their local community and local area at heart as their priorities, rather than party politics. Good luck to them!"