CONCERNS have been raised about the safety of pedestrians crossing Topp Way in the town centre.

Residents have warned about speeding cars and drivers being unable to see pedestrians on the crossing until it is too late.

Collisions between cars and pedestrians have resulted in serious injuries and death over the past six years.

Those who live nearby and use the road regularly say it is a “death trap” and are calling for action to be taken before anyone else is hurt or killed.

They say cars speed along the dual carriageway and that the crossing is poorly lit, making it even more dangerous at night.

Bolton Council has vowed to look at the junction, but enforcing speed limits and installing speed cameras, are the jurisdiction of other agencies.

The lighting at the pedestrian crossing would come under the council.

While several people have mentioned the lighting at the crossing, that is only part of the problem.

The layout of the road and the crossing are designed around a 30mph speed limit, ensuring that drivers can stop in time when someone is crossing the road when the lights are on red.

Better lighting will help, but speed cameras and tougher enforcement of the limits will slow the general speed of traffic making the road safer for all who use it. A speeding ticket is surely better than killing someone.