THE Wanderers rollercoaster ride is in full swing, with staff and fans not knowing what the next twist and turns will bring.

Last week, a takeover by Football Ventures (Whites) consortium looked imminent and there was an air of optimism starting to creep back in.

But on Thursday, staff discovered they had not been paid and chairman Ken Anderson asked for their patience as he negotiated the sale of the club.

The next day, season ticket holders reported that the direct debits for their seats had not been taken.

Over the weekend it appeared that the buyers had changed their mind, although the chairman was quick to suggest he had other potential buyers waiting in the wings.

Monday saw the Whites training ground shut because of a lack of food and drink.

With stewards and turnstile operators among those who have not been paid, there were concerns that Saturday’s Championship game against Millwall could be affected.

Yesterday, Bolton Council, the police and other agencies involved in ensuring safety at the ground gave the club an ultimatum to sort things out if Saturday’s match against Millwall is to go ahead.

If the game does go ahead, season ticket holders are questioning whether their tickets will be valid for the game.

Everyone has understandably had enough of this ride and wants to get off.