MY husband and I have recently employed some plasterers to do some work on our house.

They left behind a small amount of plaster board, (approximately two sheets in total) which we decided to take to the tip.

At the Salford Road Virador Recycling Centre we were told that they needed proof of our private residence in Bolton so we had to come home to obtain the required documents.

We took our current council tax bill and returned to the centre where the lady on the weigh bridge checked the proof and took our registration number, but then proceeded to tell us that the minimum charge to leave the plasterboard would be £97!

We could not believe this. We are pensioners in our mid seventies. This is a ridiculous amount to expect people to pay.

We decide to try Raikes Lane but when we got there we were told that they would not take plasterboard, but should take it to the original Raikes Lane incinerator. Onward again.

On arriving we were again asked for proof of residence and they checked our registration number. The man then looked on his computer and told us the minimum charge would be £96.75 (a bit cheaper)!

Where are we supposed to dispose of the plasterboard without paying such an extortionate charge?

We are not fly-tippers. This should be a service provided for council tax payers. I walked my dog up at High Rid Reservoir on Monday and on the track I saw over 20 bags of rubbish, including plasterboard, dumped on the track. No wonder people dump rubbish if this is what is charged at recycling centres. Be warned!

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