I AM a regular visitor to our town centre, and am all too aware of the aggressive begging and the rough characters hanging around on some of the street corners during the daytime, spoiling the experience of shopping here.

Given that regular experience, I felt some trepidation at going to a late film showing at the wonderful Light Cinema and walking back to the bus station for the last number eight home at 11pm.

In the event, my fears were entirely unfounded ­— I enjoyed a pleasant late night stroll through our lovely Victoria Square, met with no rough characters because, of course, those beggars had gone home when the shops shut.

There were three homeless people asleep in the entrance to HSBC bank, and that was it.

The handful of others around were respectable looking citizens, everyone at the bus station a respectable looking citizen making their way home, none of the rough characters I've seen hang out there in the day.

So how is it that our town centre feels a significantly safer and more pleasant place to be at 10.45pm than it does at 10.45am?

We do, of course, have the new town centre powers coming in, and not before time in my view.

Dave Carter

Campbell Street