THE latest application to convert a residential property into a six-bedroom house aimed at individual tenants has been thrown out by councillors.

Around a dozen residents watched as the planning committee voted against the plan for another house in multiple occupation (HMO) in Plodder Lane.

This is the 19th application of its kind in Farnworth according to ward councillor Jean Gillies.

It follows applications to convert a dental surgery in Bolton Road, which the committee refused twice, as well as a former office block in Manchester Road, which was also rejected.

Cllr Gillies said: “I’m sorry but Farnworth has had enough of this sort of development being dumped on us. Farnworth may not be the most affluent area in the borough but that does not mean we should sit back and become easy pickings.”

Kelly Thain of North Avenue also spoke against the application raising several concerns parking near the property which is opposite a primary school.

She said: “Parking is already horrendous as it is. The area is mainly double yellow lines and this would add more pressure and danger for children and parents on the school run.

“The school’s directly opposite the proposed HMO, parking is horrific. You cannot park on my street let alone Plodder Lane. You can’t even get near it.”

John Baker, who is behind the plan, defended it saying it is fully compliant with regulations.

He also said the letting agents he uses operate a strict selection process seeking professionals as tenants.

Councillors questioned why the applicant assumed that future tenants would not drive and therefore require parking.

Cllr Nick Peel suggested refusing the application and was supported by Cllr Andy Morgan who said the location is not appropriate for an HMO.

Kearsley councillor Julie Pattison also spoke against the application on safety grounds which was supported by Cllr Sean Hornby.

However, Cllr Bob Allen supported the application and was joined by Cllr Mudasir Dean who said the area needs a variety of housing.

Cllr Allen said: “Farnworth seems to, of late, have become the place to go for HMOs. But this one is quite a distance from the others. It’s not in Farnworth town centre.”