I was interested in reading the views of Bolton Council’s executive cabinet member for children, Cllr Ann Cunliffe, in relation to the difficulties faced by the council regarding the provision of school places in Bolton at both primary and secondary levels.

I was struck by one particular quote "I think we have a better idea of Bolton children and the Bolton schools and we know what their needs are better than anyone else."

This, of course, from a member of the council controlling Labour party that not so long ago was closing primary schools due to falling children numbers, notably Christchurch and Longsight primary schools in Harwood which are both now housing estates.

At the time, there was widespread opposition to these closures, as anyone with a modicum of common sense knew that higher than average birth rates in certain sections of the Bolton community and rising levels of settling asylum seekers, not to mention expanding housing estates, only pointed to increasing pressure on all public services over the following years.

So please forgive me if I treat Cllr Cunliffe’s assertions that the Labour controlled council knows best with a healthy degree of scepticism!

Peter Holden