I FEEL obliged to respond to Malcolm Pittock’s latest letter, Reformer Corbyn is abused more than any other politician (March 5).

Mr Pittock asks whether I supported the Labour party taking Britain into a war against Iraq?

But as a Labour supporter yourself and by voting Labour (which I am assuming you did) weren’t you, ‘whether you like it or not’, actually supporting the war against Iraq, Mr Pittock?

But, however, I’m sorry to disappoint Mr Pittock. I bet this is not the answer he was hoping for at all, as it will not reinforce his own self-perceived moral superiority.

I did not support the war, but, once British service personnel were committed to military action (unlike Malcolm Pittock, Corbyn and all the other Quislings) I supported them wholeheartedly.

Apparently though, according to Malcolm Pittock, Corbyn “never abuses his enemies”, which I believe is absolute piffle!

Jeremy Corbyn has on more than one occasion expressed his undying support for Hamas and other vile terrorist organisations.

The stated goal of Hamas is the destruction of the state of Israel and the murder of the world’s entire population of Jews.

By associating himself with such an organisation Corbyn is culpable at the very least of anti-Semitism which in turn also makes him guilty of abuse?

I would also like to correct Malcolm Pittock on a couple of points.

There has never been a “Palestinian state” as he clearly implies in his letter and the people he refers to as Palestinians are not a separate race, but are ethnically and culturally identical to other Arab peoples in the area, such as those from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Israel and Arabia.

The Palestinian flag, which I have witnessed ‘potty’ left-wing activists worshipping on more than one occasion, is a relatively new political concept, which conveniently came into being after the 1973 Yom Kippur war.

Malcolm Pittock is very wrong to suggest that it is Israel that oppresses the Palestinians. It is the barbaric actions of Hamas that is oppressing the Palestinians. By forcing civilians it ruthlessly controls to act as human shields for its cowardly so-called fighters.

It brainwashes children, along with blackmailing young women through the act of rape, to act as suicide bombers against Israeli civilians.

Hamas kills just for the sake of killing and it doesn’t care who it kills either. That is oppression Mr Pittock and it is regularly carried out by Jeremy’s friends (and I assume yours also) Hamas.

But right at the very end, Mr Pittock came up with a real gem; by asking the question of me whether or not I “have heard of democratic socialism”? Which after laughing for a bit, actually made me think a little?

I wonder, Mr Pittock, if Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela is an example of “democratic socialism”? It is a regime that, after all, is vigorously supported by Jeremy Corbyn, which even now he still stubbornly refuses to condemn for its vicious human rights violations.

Stuart A Chapman