A COMMUNITY group could still take over the derelict Rock Hall building despite a new sign at the property suggesting otherwise.

A feasibility study commissioned by the council to decide what to do with the listed building in Moses Gate Country Park is now complete but will not be published.

In August, the local authority revealed it is in discussions with an unnamed group regarding the future of Rock Hall.

However, this week, a sign which reads "unique leasing opportunity" went up on the gates outside 19th century hall.

The council said the purpose of the sign is to test market interest in the property so that it can make an informed decision about the future of the building.

Gemma Hall, whose petition to renovate Rock Hall received more than 1,000 signatures, cautiously welcomed the news.

She said: "If that's what they are in talks with a community group, then yes, I'm delighted that they're still doing that and there's a possibility it will be turned into something worthwhile."

The Farnworth resident said she would be happy if a private company ran the building as long as it was brought back into use.

Park-goers have suggested using the building as a cafe or visitor centre among other ideas.

She added: "It's not about it being preserved by a community group, it's more about it being part and parcel of the park so people can have use it."

Discussions with a community group which could take over the site are still ongoing but its identity has not been revealed.