IT is looking very likely that the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement will be again rejected in Parliament this week.

This agreement does not deliver on the referendum result of 2016 and keeps us tied to the EU with no power, and will present us with problems for years to come.

It is increasingly likely that the best possible outcome now, to respect the largest democratic vote ever, is a managed no-deal Brexit.

Operating on WTO rules brings a lot of benefits.

We would immediately take back control and be £39 billion richer, to invest as we want.

More than 95 per cent of all global trade operates under WTO rules.

Outside the customs union we could cut everyday costs such as on food and clothing ­— 90 per cent of global economic growth in the next few years will come from outside the EU.

We would be free to strike new trade deals with the fastest growing economies of the world.

WTO rules do not require a hard border but encourage technological solutions to cross-border trade.

Bilateral agreements have already been made between the UK and the EU to ensure air travel continues unimpeded in the event of a no-deal and road freight and coach travel continues.

An agreement has been reached to extend the licenses of three of the largest UK-based clearing houses to carry on doing business with European customers over the next year.

After we leave the EU these smaller bilateral deals can be built on as we work towards a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated "no deal is better than a bad deal".

The mood of the country is moving strongly towards a WTO exit.

It would be a gross betrayal of democracy if MP s sought to delay or reverse the result of the referendum before it has even been implemented.

It is now time to stop the scaremongering,respect the result and for MP s to choose short-term manageable turbulence rather than democratic disaster.

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