I NOTICE with interest and concern that the recent Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) implemented by Bolton Council in the town hall square from February 19 states that it is an offence to take part in 13 activities, which carry a £100 fine.

Most of the restrictions I can agree with, but three on the list I disagree with.

For instance, street begging is a grey area. Who is to determine who are street beggars, and who are genuine homeless, or rough sleepers?

These people never seem to take part in street begging, and are genuine victims of our unjust society.

How will these people pay the £100 fine if issued with one?

Other activities on the list include distribution of publicity material, the use of amplifiers and loudspeakers, this would put restrictions on such things as political, and other worthy campaigning by groups concerned about our NHS, and other similar issues.

May I suggest these restrictions on campaigning of this nature, are an attack on local democracy, and freedom of speech, and it is my belief that the council should seriously consider taking the three activities I have mentioned off the list of banned activities, which, after all, take place in what are deemed as public spaces.

Alan Johnson

Green Party Candidate

Rumworth Ward