NICE to see the police have now joined with parliamentarians in throwing a 'deaf un' to the actual rate payers who pay their wages.

Knife crime is at epidemic proportions, street crime and burglaries at an all time high, it's not safe to walk around your own town centre now, a constant whiff of Amsterdam, much crime fuelled by drug offences spiralling out of control.

Lunatic drivers are racing high-powered cars, totally unchecked — one traffic cop for the whole of Bolton and, wait for it, shared with Wigan!

Good News! A 'Special Squad' set up by police — more officers at last on the street, big clampdown coming, brilliant! But hang on, not to address any of the above urgent reasons, but for potential 'hate crime' so, and I quote, 'people have somewhere to take their concerns'.

Well, the people have real concerns about the standard and direction of policing... but no one is listening.

J Derbyshire

The Beeches