A FAIRER future is on the horizon thanks to the efforts of children at a Bolton school.

Pupils at Valley Community Primary School have been passionately involved in the Fairtrade movement for almost a decade and recently held a Fairtrade day to celebrate their efforts.

An African cocoa farmer had been booked for a visit, but due to visa problems she was unable to attend.

Instead the school had a special visit from Pushpanath Krishnamurthy, who works for trade jusitice in India, and Kevin McCulloch of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Assistant headteacher Jackie Leonard, who oversaw the day, said: “The entire curriculum was given over to Fairtrade-themed activities.

“In English the children did a piece of persuasive writing encouraging people to take the Fairtrade option, and in art they created banners based on the Fairtrade logo. They even learned an African dance in PE.”

A sampling session of Fairtrade chocolate proved particularly popular as did a play about cocoa farming performed by school councillors.

Mrs Leonard said: “The children love the work we do on Fairtrade, they are very engaged. They passionately believe in it and it is so ingrained that they encourage their parents to buy Fairtrade products when they do the weekly shop.

“It’s all about them becoming good global citizens.”

The Hibbert Street school has also formed a close relationship with the Fairtrade shop, Justicia, and the children have written to local stores and supermarkets encouraging them to invest in Fairtrade.