WORRIES about debt can really get on top of someone, affecting their work, health and family life.

The cost of living goes up all the time but, especially following the financial crisis of 2008, wages have not followed suit.

And getting credit from banks and building societies is far more difficult that it used to be, so people are often tempted with pay-day loans, finance purchases or even turning to loan sharks.

All of these can mean people pay extortionate rates of interest, well above the cost of the item they originally bought.

In some cases, it could be an unexpected repair bill for their house or car that they have to borrow to pay for.

Not finding any options open to them, they tie themselves into crippling repayments.

People have had items repossessed, lost their homes and, in some cases, have taken their own lives as a result of spiralling debt.

But the Hoot credit union is somewhere that people in financial trouble can turn.

They offer independent advice and can provide low-interest loans which are repaid directly from salaries. There are no extra fees or charges.

And it it not just people on low incomes who they can help. People on well-paid salaries often find difficulty repaying high-interest credit cards.

Anyone who is struggling should visit a credit union which is in a position to help get them back on their feet again.