SCHOOLGIRLS in Bolton will be able to create their own video games thanks to a £9,900 grant from the National Lottery.

Games 4 Girls is a project by the Friends of Bolton Science Technology Centre designed to get more girls involved in science and industry.

Through a variety of activities and workshops, Game on 4 girls will support schoolgirls to design and create their own video games with the hope of giving young girls confidence so they can one day work in the industry.

Under the guidance and supervision of Mark Gilbert, a design engineer, and Jo Daly, an associate professor at the University of Bolton, the young women will learn how to code and develop computer aided design skills.

The announcement coincides with British Science week, a ten day national celebration of science, technology and maths.

Mark Gilbert, of Friends of BSTC, said: “I want young people to be excited about what they can create. Without lottery funding we wouldn’t be able to run projects like this.”