AN ARTISAN pie shop in Astley Bridge has recently gained an unlikely celebrity fan.

Bert’s Home Bake, in Blackburn Road, was opened by Kirk Bancroft and David Herbert in August 2018.

Recently they have seen their stock rise after a shout-out on Chris Moyles’ popular breakfast show on Radio X.

The radio host was sent a number of a pies from Bert’s Home Bake and opened them live on his show.

He tried the chicken tikka with coriander jelly pie and they went down a treat.

Mr Bancroft said: “He’s not stopped talking about them ever since!

“They’ve been described as ‘amazing’ and ‘fantastic’ on the show.

“That was Tuesday, March 5, they got mentioned again later in the week and then the Monday just gone, he shouted us out on the radio to ask us to send him some more, which he tried yesterday morning.”

The idea for the shop came from two existing businesses run by the owners — Mr Bancroft’s Roastbusters venture and Bert’s, which Mr Herbert previously operated from his home in Atherton.

Mr Bancroft admitted that it was a no-brainer.

He added: “We were already selling the pies through Roastbusters so it was a natural progression really.

“We thought there was a need for a pie shop in Astley Bridge as well, so after having a chat over a beer, it became a reality.”

Bert’s Home Bake prides itself on using local ingredients, including meat from Barrons of Beef and vegetables from Bolton Market.

Along with traditional pies such as meat and potato, they also have some weird and wonderful flavours including Italian chicken and pancetta with a basil jelly, and their brand new beef chilli, cheese and nacho pie.

Mr Bancroft said: “We have the artisan pies which are like a pork pie size and are served cold.

“Of the hot pies, steak and Stilton sells really well, that’s one of our most popular, along with the peppered chicken and mushroom.”

The shop also sells other food including soup, sandwiches and desserts. For more information, visit