IT wasn't just red noses youngsters donned for Comic Relief ­— at Ladybridge School, children stepped forward with their George Ezra masks!

Talented primary school youngsters came up with a never seen before dance routine for the singer's hit single Shotgun for the marathon fundraiser.

People of all ages have been letting their imaginations go wild for Comic Relief, with Ladybridge Primary School using this year's dance theme as inspiration.

Rayyaan Khan said: "I’m really happy about being in the video. It helps poverty by doing fun stuff and for a good purpose, not doing something for the sake of it but helping others. I hope it gets more people to donate as it was interesting to do the dance and the funny bits at the end."

And now the children have written to the singer asking if they can perform their unique dance routine for him!

Braving sleet, snow, heavy rain and driving winds for Comic Relief was eight-year-old Fern O’Brien.

Dertermined Fern, of Horwich ran up Darwen Tower, Peel Tower and Rivington Pike last Sunday morning.

Originally her target was £250 but she actually raised more than £600.

It took her just 90 minutes to run the 6.5 miles and do 1,400ft of climbing. On her last climb - up Rivington Pike - she was cheered on by schoolfriends and members of Horwich Harriers, the running club which Fern has been a member of since the age of five.

At Bolton School's junior division, girls jazzed up their uniforms with special Comic Relief accessories for the school day.

Famous people from Bolton were also doing their bit for comic relief with Paddy McGuinness presenting live.

Sam Allardyce appeared on Celebrity Apprentice for Comic Relief alongside other famous faces.

The fundraising marathon raises millions for disadvantaged communities home and abroad.