ON Saturday night, I had the pleasure once again to play in the horn section of Bolton’s Symphony Orchestra in its latest Victoria Hall concert ­— this just a week after the joy of singing in the BBC1 Songs of Praise television recording in the very same hall.

This coming Saturday, I look forward to the thrill of conducting the world’s most famous brass band, the Black Dyke Band, when it returns to Bolton to give a spectacular concert in aid of our Victoria Hall and the honour to conduct my Eagley Band in a pre-concert programme as the audience arrives.

As a passionate sports fan and adopted Boltonian of 40 years, we are going through the toughest of times, none more so than this week, but the opportunity to experience the greatest brass band in the world playing everything from Harry Potter to 1812 is only days away in our town, and I urge everyone to please come out of your homes, dress up, come into town and enjoy a truly uplifting night of fun, excellence and escapism in our fantastic Victoria Hall for the price of a drink and a pizza!

Chris Wormald

Music Director

Eagley Band