PADDY McGuinness has said he enjoys it when people shout his catchphrases back at him because it is the highest form of compliment.

The Take Me Out presenter, who is known for his “No likey, no lighty” soundbite, said it could only be a “good thing” his catchphrase had become “part of the TV landscape”.

The new Top Gear presenter, 45, said the public quoted his catchphrase to him “all the time”.

“But that’s a compliment. I’m pretty sure David Jason or Nicholas Lyndhurst are constantly getting, ‘You plonker Rodney’. It’s part of the TV landscape now, so that’s a good thing.”

McGuinness is the host of Catchpoint, a new BBC game show which will see contestants catch balls dropped from the studio ceiling while answering trivia. He hailed the ongoing success of Take Me Out, the show he is best known for, in a market saturated with dating shows and put the ITV programme’s longevity down to it ticking lots of boxes and not being a “pure dating show”.

He said: “That’s what I’m most proud of with Take Me Out, because dating shows full stop haven’t worked since Blind Date. None had carried on coming back and we did Take Me Out and it created a big buzz and there was an influx of new dating shows again. And now you’ve got First Dates and Love Island, you can’t move for dating shows now. But we’re still there, doing our thing, and I think that’s because it’s not just a pure dating show, ours.

“It’s an entertainment show as well. It’s a Saturday night TV show. It ticks a lot of boxes.”

Catchpoint starts on BBC One on Saturday, March 23.