AWARD-winning director Christine Seager is at the helm for New Rosemere's production of Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore, now showing.

The society known for its outstanding Gilbert and Sullivan productions is putting on two shows for the price of one this week!

And her husband, David, will follow in his father's footsteps as Captain Corcoran in Pinafore and Counsel in Trial and daughter Katherine will be played a bridesmaid in Trial and one of the many sisters, cousins, and aunts of Sir Joseph in Pinafore.

Katherine said: "New Rosemere, an operatic and musical society with a history spanning more than 90 years, is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere. The members are like a family; so much so that having generations of actual family members joining the cast is not unusual."

In HMS Pinafore the captain's daughter, Josephine, is in love with a lower-class sailor, Ralph Rackstraw, but the course of true love never did run smooth as her father intends her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty.

In Trial by Jury, a comic opera is about a "breach of promise of marriage" lawsuit in which the judge and legal system are the objects of lighthearted satire.

"With New Rosemere's extensive history and family links, it's no surprise that we regularly receive contact from past members who'd like to get back in touch.

"Recently, in fact, we discovered some international connections. Isabel Ramchandani, from Toronto, Canada, contacted us with some information about her own family's history with New Rosemere. Both her parents were long-standing members of the society until they moved South in 1972. Her father, John B. Picton, was the Usher in our 1972 production of Trial by Jury. During his time with us, he performed in many productions as both a principle and a chorus member."

The productions run until Saturday at The Parish Hall Theatre, Christ Church, Walmsley, Egerton.

Tickets costing £13.50/£12 can be purchased by ringing 01204 300666.