A NEW show celebrating the life and musical talent of legendary American singer songwriter Paul Simon is heading to Bolton next month.

And fans of the musician can catch the five star show­— billed as one musician authentically honouring the music of another ­—before it takes to the stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe later this year.

Something About Simon comes to The Albert Halls in Bolton for one night only to take an audience through a journey of his life and music.

Paul Simon is a name that has cemented itself into the “hearts and bones” of audiences all over the world, resulting in a phenomenal career that has spanned more than seven decades. And now a new show is shining the spotlight on the illustrious career of a music icon.

Liverpool singer songwriter Gary Edward Jones takes to the stage to tell the unique story of one of his idols, combining visuals, stage design, storytelling and, of course, that iconic music and incredible songs.

Gary weaves together songs and stories that cross the Atlantic, from New Jersey to the North West of England. He traces the sometimes poignant moments in Paul Simon’s life and career, that occasionally mirror his own.

Something About Simon was recently premiered in Liverpool in November where it enjoyed a successful two-night pilot run at the Epstein Theatre in Autumn 2018. Initially promoted as one performance, a second date was added due to popular demand.

The show received top reviews – and now producers are keen to take the show across the region, starting with Bolton.

Gary said: "It's the first time I have done a show in Bolton and what a beautiful theatre. This is a concert of Paul Simon's songs and my journey of discovery of his music because it is quite new to me.

"I have been compared to him for such a long time because I am a singer songwriter myself and there was always the comparison wherever I played.

"The discovery of his music for me over the last three years has been just an massive eye opener because he is an exceptional songwriter ­— his songs, lyrics his chords, everything, he is an unbelievable storyteller, you know exactly what he's trying to tell you ­— he's got an amazing quality to deliver a story. You know he has lived most of his stories, we perform quite a lot of those songs in the show from 1963 right through to 20017, from Songbook, which was his first solo album right the way through to Wristband in 2017.

Paul Simon began his career as one half of globally successful duo Simon and Garfunkel. He went on to enjoy an incredible solo career, which included 13 multi-million selling albums and 16 Grammy Awards, amongst countless other awards and accolades.

Music highlights include classic ballads including The Sound of Silence, America and Kathy’s Song, to the more upbeat Me And Julio, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and Wristband.

Gary said: "We thoroughly enjoyed the creative process for Something About Simon, taking the show from paper to rehearsals to stage. We were completely overwhelmed by the audience response ­— they were sold out shows and we got two standing ovations on either night which blew me away and that's what it is all about it is what I have lived for. Now we cannot wait for the next phase in the show’s development – first stop the Albert Halls in Spring."

The show is designed to appeal to die-hard fans to give them an extra insight into his life and music, and those who are new to his music to find out more about the musical icon.

Gary said: "It is not a tribute show, its very definitely a concert with a narrative that runs through. I was adamant right from the start its not something I wanted to do, it was to be as true to be true to myself as possible and that came across at the Epstein because we did get standing ovations."

He said: "There are props in the show there is a multi-media screen with imaginary as well as me playing songs.

!We covered everything, I think the audience at the Epstein were immensely satisfied at the end so we had done our job and that was the most important thing for me and we did stay true to ourselves. There was no American twang in my voice at all!

"I'm super excited."

Something About Simon is brought to the Bolton theatre by producers Something About Productions and Bill Elms.

Producer Bill Elms added: “It was always our intention to take Something About Simon across the region. Feedback from the pilot run was incredible an inspiring, and it made us even more determined to take the story on the road, where it belongs."

Something About Simon takes to the stage on Saturday, April 27 at 7.30pm. To see a clip of Gary performing visit www.theboltonnews.co.uk

For tickets visit http://www.alberthalls-bolton.co.uk/