I AM afraid I cannot let Councillor Linda Thomas off the hook so easy when she boasts about the gobbling up of Bolton’s green belt by the Tories.

With the exception of two years, Labour has held leadership of Bolton Council since 1980 and returned two prime ministers from 1997 to 2012.

During that time hundreds of thousands people, rightly or wrongly, have been allowed into the UK from inside and outside of the EU.

This has put pressure on the housing stock. This intern has put pressure on green land and green belt, the building on of which successive Labour councils have been the master.

Even now further green belt is being confiscated at the Logistics North site.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which I read through with a fine tooth comb, clearly states that vast areas of green belt will be taken.

Greater Manchester is dominated by Labour councils. Many may argue that this is progress — I beg to differ.

Hulton Park is classic of short term Labour thinking. Bolton was recently found to have one of the lowest levels of wildlife in the in the North West — shameful. The loss of Hulton Park will make the situation worse.

Where I do agree, is the Tories did make building on green belt part of their manifesto. This was also brought about with their uncontrollable immigration policy during the past seven years.

Taken as whole, the mismanagement of immigration by both parties has been catastrophic on wages, green belt, green land, housing stock, wildlife, congestion, pollution and the NHS.

The long term effect will be even more far reaching on water supplies, production of food, redirected heat and run off. Not a very good return when you look at it in the cold light of day.

Peter German

Highfield Road