LITTLE ones will be able to treat their mums to a special gift that won't break the piggy bank this Mother's Day.

Morrisons have launched a new range specifically for thoughtful children who don't have lots of cash to spare.

The limited edition Llama Bouquet costs £3.50 and is made up of four different flowers, including chrysanthemums, santini, carnations and gypsophilia.

It also contains specially tinted 'dip-dye effect' blooms and a llama motif – the next creature craze tipped to rival the unicorn.

The supermarket chain says the average UK child receives £5 pocket money per week.

Donna Heywood, flowers buyer at Morrisons said: "Many of our younger customers want to show their appreciation for their mums.

"That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the Llama Bouquet affordable for sons and daughters around the UK."

The bouquets will be available in all Morrisons stores from March 27.