BRIBERY, blackmail and bullying is the order of the day in this Goverment's dealing of Brexit.

How ashamed am I, of how the watching world must think of us.

The British people used to be admired around the world for their values and integrity.

This is disappearing fast when you watch Westminster, with MPs on their phones, heads down, totally ignoring people speaking.

What a disgrace ­— and they talk about banning phones in schools.

Courtesy, respect for others, and the waffle that is uttered by these MPs is unbelievable.

Every day is Groundhog Day, with some MPs on auto pilot.

Can we reduce MPs by a two thirds? I am sure it will not be noticed.

This Prime Minister is a control freak on a vanity project, wearing headphones and listening to Sinatra's My Way.

She is the worst PM in my lifetime.

My next vote is for UKIP or whatever banner Nigel Farage is under.

I will never vote Labour or Conservatives again ­— if I live that long. They are shameful.

Ross Dunning