CHILDREN turn into their parents in one way or another.

Hopefully they are brought up to be healthy, sensible with money and to become good parents themselves.

The worry is that they also inherit their parents’ bad habits, such as drinking, smoking and drugs.

They imitate what they see and grow up following the example of their parents.

There are now real concerns that young people in Bolton are drinking dangerous amounts, with 97 children under the age of 18 admitted to hospital in the past three years.

Bolton is also ahead of the national figure with 48.4 out of 100,000, compared to 32.9 per 100,000 hospital admissions.

In the North West, 5,500 children were admitted to hospitals for drink and drug abuse — the highest regional rate in England.

As well as being dangerous for the young people involved, it also ties up already-stretched NHS resources.

This is an issue where prevention is better than cure and experts want parents to take a leading role in their children’s attitude towards alcohol ­— and also to drugs.

The NHS says talking to children can sway them away from drinking too much.

Not only are they risking their health now, they are in danger of long-term health risks if the pattern continues as they grow up. It is vital that parents act now and set a good example.