PARKS are places many people take for granted and don’t realise what they have got until it’s gone.

They are places people have enjoyed for generations for exercise, relaxation, picnics and family days out.

Different parks have a variety of attractions, from lakes and cafes, to play equipment and running tracks.

Council cutbacks have meant that in recent years, some parks have closed and others have not had equipment or facilities replaced following vandalism.

This has led to the disappearance of some parks, depriving people of a valuable ­­— and free ­— place to enjoy, exercise and spend time in the fresh air.

Despite several high-profile vandal attacks, the Friends of Longsight Park, have made huge improvements to the open green space to ensure everyone can enjoy the beauty spot.

As well as general maintenance and litter picking, they have restored paths, paid for and installed benches, planted flowers and created walks through the park.

The volunteers can be assured that they have improved the park from what it was before, and they want to do more to add to people’s enjoyment of it.

Critics say the council should be funding this sort of work, but, as the friends say, they can’t wait for things to happen.

If it was left, the park would deteriorate and people would stop using it, affecting their health as well as their wellbeing.