IN reply to Peter Lewis Fairchild in Saturday's edition of The Bolton News, I can say no, you are not the only person to have gone through this rigmarole in contacting Trading Standards.

I too wanted to contact them having been sold a device for £1,800 that was supposed to increase my solar power feed in by 20 per cent, but I could prove was doing nothing.

I ended up speaking to Citizens Advice, but relating scientific electrical information over the phone was difficult.

I, too, was told to go to trading standards at Castle Hill, who told me they were in the town hall.

Eventually, I found out they were in Ellesmere House, but in Ellesmere Street, off Mayor Street, not Washington Street.

A man took my letter off me and said he would place in on their desk. That was the last I heard of it. No acknowledgement, nor a phone call.

It would appear we now need another higher body to which we can report Trading Standards for not achieving the standards expected by the public.

They can't have much to do as many a one would have given up in trying due to the ridiculous runaround they put you through.

So, I have taken it upon myself to take the firm to County Court on Money Claims Online.

Hopefully, that may result in a resolution.

Roy Caswell

Beverley Road


* Editor's note: Trading Standards has asked us to point out that the only way to contact the service is through the Citizens' Advice Bureau, by calling 0345 4040506. The service no longer deals directly with the public