AN app-based taxi company accused of being given an unfair advantage will have its licence changed to reflect its business model.

Uber will be the only private hire operator in Bolton to be given a unique licence with different conditions on it.

It is understood that a company offering a similar service has also applied for a licence in Bolton and could be granted the same exceptions.

Now, a senior councillor is calling on the government to bring licensing rules into the 21st century.

Cllr Nick Peel said: “Uber are operating a different model nationally as well as in Bolton and licensing regulations aren’t set up to respond to this different model.”

The executive member for environmental services told The Bolton News that the changes should have happened years ago.

But the private hire driver who complained to the council about Uber’s practices months ago said it should not bend the rules to meet the international company’s needs.

He said: “It’s clear that the bigger companies within the borough aren’t subject to the same terms and conditions that other operators are. That’s a fact.

“It’s up to the company to adhere to the terms and conditions or go away.”

The news follows a report by The Bolton News in December which revealed that an office in Manchester Road which the company claims to use has been vacant for months.

Drivers complained that they have to travel to Manchester for paperwork and wanted a Bolton-based office, according to a trade representative.

Meanwhile, a private hire drive who works for a different operator accused the council of operating a “two-tier system”.

He claimed that his operator, PAL Cars, spends a couple of hours every week making sure the necessary documentation meets council requirements in preparation for an inspection.

The council would not disclose how many times Uber’s office has been inspected in the past year.

A spokesman said: “We have looked into the issues that were raised and can confirm that Uber is operating in line with the business model approved by licensing committee in 2015.”

“We have visited Uber at their Bolton office and at their main hub in Manchester, and a full inspection has been carried out.”

“Appropriate steps are being taken to ensure their operating conditions reflect the agreed operating model.”

An Uber spokesman said: “We comply with all the requirements of our licence to operate in Bolton and we are in regular contact with Bolton Council.”