IT is shocking to hear that it is easier to buy crack cocaine in Bolton than it is to order a pizza.

Many people would not have the first idea where to go to buy drugs of any description, let alone such a highly addictive and dangerous form.

Even more worryingly, experts predict that those addicted to the drug will soon outnumber heroin and alcohol abusers combined.

Health experts are blaming the rise on people being able to buy crack for what they call ‘pocket money prices’ of £5 per rock and on being able to have the drug delivered quicker than a takeaway.

Some users reported say there are so many drug dealers competing for business that they were often prepared to offer credit, giving addicts “tick” until they can pay.

Crack use is often linked to unemployment and homelessness, and to sex work for women.

Common side effects include sudden death due to heart attack or stroke, aggressive and paranoid behaviour, abdominal pain, depression and anxiety.

The long-term effects of using crack can cause severe damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.

It is especially dangerous because Crack is highly

addictive and because of it is possible to become addicted after taking it once. Coming down from the drug causes severe depression, which becomes deeper and deeper after each use.

It is worrying that such a dangerous drug is so readily available across Bolton.