LIKE most people of my generation, the strongest memories of the old Bolton station are waiting for the train to take us to Blackpool ­— steam-hauled, of course.

I spent many happy hours as a kid trainspotting there, the highlight being the morning Glassie ­— the Manchester to Glasgow express ­— usually hauled by a Royal Scot or Britannia.

It's nice we're getting trains to Scotland back in May!

My funniest memory of the station was when I took up the slightly obscure hobby of collecting railway tickets.

One day I got a very rare one and going off the station I asked the rather grumpy ticket collector if I could keep my prize "as I collected railway tickets".

"So do I" was the reply, and he took it off me.

I think it was an unusual LMS ticket from Westhoughton.

Prof Paul Salveson

Harpers Lane