AMID rising anti-social behaviour among the youth, outreach work is one of Bolton Lads and Girls’ Club’s newest projects within communities across the borough.

Residents in Westhoughton have noted a rise in the amount of anti-social behaviour in its teenagers.

Town leaders are hoping to use the Lads and Girls Club presence in the area to tackle boredom. The charity operates a building in Westhoughton, but opening hours are limited to weekdays only.

Town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon has been out with the outreach team operating in Westhoughton meeting young people in search of entertainment.

Cllr Eckersley-Fallon said: “I have been out with youth workers because we have had a rise in the anti-social behaviour in Westhoughton. They’re bored really.

“We don’t have the youth facility at the weekend, Saturday night is quite bad — lots of hanging around Sainsbury’s and Somerfield.

“It can be quite intimidating for people on their own if there’s groups of ten and 20 people.

She added: “What I’m concerned about is that we’ve got the Easter holidays and the summer holidays coming up, it’s a long time for kids to be out.”

Cllr Eckersley-Fallon praised the “brilliant” facility, but wants to come up with new ways to engage the teenagers in Westhoughton with the help of the club. She said: “I went out and did some outreach work with them, we chatted to the kids on the street out in Central Park.

“We’ve discussed it at some length to see how we can tackle the issue head on. We’re going to try and put some circuit training on in facility, they do have a gym room. Boxing might engage with some of the older lads.

“The kids say they’d like an open mic or karaoke evening, where they can bring instruments. We asked the young girls if they’d like a make-up evening.

“We’re brainstorming ideas. If there’s a need for its at the weekend we can get the workers out there longer,”