A WOMAN’S car was stolen and wrecked by youths just ten days after she bought it to regain her independence.

Alison Stones, 26, from Farnworth, reported her car stolen after she came out of her house to find it missing one morning in March.

Ms Stones, who suffers from ME, had had the car just ten days, buying it after years of ill health in a bid to reclaim her freedom.

On March 26, police found the car being driven around by youths in the Deane area, after reports came in from the local community.

The car was returned to her with the exhaust falling off and the seats ripped.

The car was also littered with debris left by the thieves, including a full ash tray, CDs, and a plastic machete splattered with fake blood.

Ms Stones says she has faced a £150 bill to recover her car from the police compound along with further bills for repairs — namely £240 to replace the exhaust.

Ms Stones said: “It has been so infuriating. I had had the car ten days and it was stolen in front of my house. It was supposed to be the start of a new found independence.”

She said: “I’m frustrated with the fact that it cost so much to recover from the compound.

“I’ve not driven in three years because I have been really unwell and I bought this car. It was £600. I just wanted a little, cheap car, that was really cheap because I had no claims.”

Ms Stones said: “They’ve clearly been having a good time in my car, damaged the wheel and taken my spare and replaced it.

She added: “I have chronic fatigue so most days I’m bedridden.

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“It’s debilitating and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It affects me physically, especially in my joints but the cerebral fatigue has the biggest impact on my life. I’m hoping brick by brick I can build my life back up to how I was.

“This car was one of those bricks.”

Ms Stones said: “I’m still waiting to get the car back from the garage.

“I’m more than happy to go to court, I want them to pay the full amount.”

Ms Stones believes that her case is just one of many in Farnworth.

She said: “Car crime is absolutely rife at the moment in Farnworth.

“There’s a group of young lads and girls who are absolutely terrorising the town. They just don’t care.”