A JURY was shown the dramatic moment a burglar stole more than £8,500 worth of jewellery and watches.

Shaun Gordon, 46 of no fixed abode, was in Bolton Crown Court to stand trial for the burglary of Kinners Jewellers in Brackley Street, Farnworth.

Gordon denies the allegations.

The jury watched as CCTV was played of a man scaling the side of the Kinners Jewellers building. The prosecution said the offender broke into the shop through a toilet window.

CCTV then showed the burglar grabbing £8,534 worth of watches, rings and earrings at around 4.30am on April 9, 2018.

In total, they made off with 18 rings, a gold chain, a pair of diamond stud earrings and three watches.

The court heard that days later, the burglar in the CCTV was positively identified as Gordon by a police constable, with whom he had previously had dealings.

PC Andrew Smart told the court that Shaun Gordon was nicknamed by police in Farnworth as “snake eyes” and that he had committed burglaries before.

PC Smart, who spent ten years a neighbour beat officer in Farnworth, said: “He was known as “snake eyes” because he has very distinctive eyes. In the video you can see his distinctive eyes.

“I was a neighbourhood officer for ten years in the Farnworth, Kearsley and Little Lever area.

“As part of my research, I came to know Shaun Gordon quite early, I’d say I’ve known him for ten years.

“You would see Shaun Gordon quite regularly, walking through the area. I’ve had face-to-face dealings with him.”

The policeman told the court he viewed the CCTV footage twice all the way through and identified the man in the video as Shaun Gordon on April 16.

He said: “I was asked [to watch the CCTV] in my role as a neighbourhood beat officer due to my level of expertise in the area

“I had a good knowledge of local people and offenders in the area.”

He said he was aware of Gordon’s previous offences when he identified him.

PC Smart said: “I was aware.

“Part of my role is to get to know the neighbourhood offenders, to get to know what their offences are.

“I knew he had committed commercial burglaries.”

PC Smart recounted an occasion when he had been in close proximity to Gordon.

PC Smart had driven a police van carrying Gordon, then searched and booked him into police custody on an earlier occasion.

PC Smart told the court his most recent meeting with Gordon took place shortly before the burglary of Kinners Jewellers.

The prosecution, Ms Alison Heyworth, told the court that it would be a short trial and that the jury has to decided if the offender is in fact Gordon.

She said: “The issue is a narrow one of identification.”

She told the court that the jewellers showed items “routinely kept on display shelves at the front of the shop”.

She also detailed the damage to the property from the burglary, which included “three door frames, two windows, the alarm system and steel bars”, costing £458 to repair.