BOLTON Ramblers celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

It organises a variety of walks as well for its members, of which there are 290 members, of which of around 100 are active members.

And as well as organising walks in Bolton and further afield, it is also a campaigning organisation, currently gearing itself up for the Don't Lose Your Way.

On the first Saturday of the month it organises a coach ramble, with the most recent trip attracting 50 people; a walk every Thursday morning; an leisurely amble on the second Sunday of every month and on the third Sunday a car ramble is organised.

Once a month, the group take part in a footpath clearance, ensuring they are accessible and not overgrown.

A number of different walks are put on to suit all abilities and not only are walks said to be good for the soul they also provide a social occasion ­— and is far from just a train of walkers.

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Chairman Malcolm Deaville said: "We are a campaigning organisation, most people think ramblers are just out for walks and most of them do go on walks.

"But we make sure that footpaths are maintained and remain open for everyone to use and enjoy."

The group has worked on paths in Blackrod, Egerton, Horwich and Worsley and also paths in the Montserrat area of Bolton.

Rambles coming up include on May 4 a walk across the Derby and Yorkshire Dales, with a number of routes laid; a Hulton Park Pretoria Pit Circular on May 12; A round Rivington on Sunday, April 21.

A number of evening walks are taking place this summer in local beauty spots or areas of historical interest.

To find out more about Bolton Ramblers visit or ring 01204 527816