A BOLTON artist teamed up with a fencing contractor to star in an episode of TV programme that hit the small screen last week.

Fanny Gogh, 47, worked with Anthony Axford fencing to work on ‘Home Is Where the Art Is’, presented by Nick Knowles on BBC1.

The programme sees three artists battle it out to be commissioned by a mystery client. Ms Gogh said: “We basically had to snoop around the house and try and work out what kind of family it is and what their style is. Then we went away and put a pitch together.”

Based on what she had learned from the client’s home, Ms Gogh decided to design a piece to commemorate someone the family had lost. She envisaged a mural that captured that deceased man’s love of rap and graffiti, while also incorporating memory boxes.

When it came time to make the piece, Ms Gogh entrusted Anthony Axford Ltd, a Farnworth-based company, to help get the job done.

Martin Axford, owner of Anthony Axford Ltd, said: “She told me what she wanted to achieve and told me what she wanted to do. She knew that we could do what she wanted.”

In the end, the company did not charge Ms Gogh for the services they provided.

Mr Axford added: “We just wanted to help somebody achieve what they wanted to do. And this puts us on the map, so it can’t do us any harm.”

Once the art has been made, it comes down to the client to choose which of the artists they would like to commission. The results will be revealed on Wednesday at 3.45pm.