A MODEST barman says it's all part of the job after chasing down and catching a mugger who attacked a woman in broad daylight.

Adam Stones, manager of The Market Hotel, in Brackley Street, Farnworth was talking with one of his regulars on Wednesday evening, when the customer spotted a man and a woman struggling outside through the pub window. 

The man appeared to be wrestling the woman, described as in her fifties, to the ground. 
Without giving it a second thought, the pair ran out of the pub and chased the man.

“It was just instinct,” Mr Stones said. I was halfway up Brackley Street before I even had time to think about it.

“A lot of people have said well done, but it’s not about that, any decent person would have done it, it just happened to be me.

“As a pub, we’re here for the community. Sometimes that’s having a chat and sometimes it’s chasing a robber!”

Another senior member of staff from the pub, Codie Dawson, stayed with the woman and comforted her while Mr Stones and the customer chased after her mugger. 

She said: “It all happened so quick. It was just a normal, quiet Wednesday night and then we saw that out of the window.

“Luckily, I think they caught him quick enough that no real harm came to her.”

It is understood that the man did not manage to successfully steal anything.

According to Mr Stones, once the man was apprehended, they rang 999 and the police arrived within three minutes. 

He added: “She was obviously scared and shook up. We brought her back into the pub, rang her husband and gave her a brandy for shock."

“Once we told her that the man had been caught and arrested, she burst into tears, bless her.”

The landlord of the pub, Harrison Clayton praised his team and customers for their reaction to the incident.

He said: “I’m extremely proud to have these brave individuals as a part of my team and I join the lady in thanking them.”

The Bolton News has contacted the police for comment.