A SCHOOL which has just received a new pedestrian crossing is now campaigning to have a second one installed.

St James’s said they are delighted with a new zebra crossing which has been installed outside the school in Highfield Road.

They say they would now like a second crossing in Lucas Road, near to the school’s other entrance to keep children safe.

A school spokesman said: “We are delighted with the new zebra crossing on Highfield Road. After two serious accidents and a number of near misses the school, the school staff, the pupil council and parents demanded action.

“Luckily, the crossing was granted and children both from St James and the surrounding primary schools are a lot safer.

“The school would like a second crossing on Lucas Road.”

Labour councillor for the Farnworth ward, Cllr Jean Gillies said the idea is being “seriously” looked at by the council. She said: “I have been working on the second crossing for some months now and Bolton Council are looking at it seriously.

“Lucas Road is always rammed with cars parked on both sides of the road during times when children are arriving and leaving school couples with the bus lanes for the school.

“This has also affected other schools in the area such as Highfield Primary School and Our Lady of Lourdes.

“Highways management have visited the site with myself and the school Head so they are fully aware of how dangerous the road is to cross and are working with myself and school to address the issue.”