HOW many of us have seen a crime happen right in front of us in broad daylight?

If that were to happen, how many of us would just tell ourselves it was nothing to do with us, the safest thing all round would be to walk away, just don't get involved?

Sometimes we are all the worse off for a general self-protective malaise that ails the public.

Thankfully there are still some real-life have-a-go heroes alive and well in Bolton.

People who follow their instinct to help out someone who has fallen victim to a crime.

People with a conscience, who don't stop to think about whether a criminal might possibly be the kind to hunt them down and lean on them not to give evidence in a court case.

People who don't stop to consider whether they might not even want to stand up in a courtroom and testify about an accused person's alleged wrongdoing.

People who are prepared to do their civic duty. To help their fellow man and then be prepared to follow that through if a case goes to court. We would all like to think that if we were to fall victim to crime, that our fellow man in the street would stop to help. And 'do as you would be done by' is a good premise to live by. Thankfully Adam Stones, landlord of The Market Hotel, is one such man. He stepped in to catch a mugger who attacked a woman outside his pub. We applaud his public spiritedness.