VOTERS go to the polls on Thursday, May 2 to elect one-third of the 60 seats on Bolton Council.

Each of the 20 wards that constitute Bolton Council includes three seats, and one seat is up for grabs in each of the 20 wards this year.

The stakes are particularly high this time around because of the wafer-thin majority that Labour holds on Bolton Council. It has a majority of just one, and 13 of its councillors are up for re-election next month.

The Conservative group will be trying to hang on to the five of their councillors who are up for re-election and the balance of power could very easily shift.

The polling booths open at 7am on May 2. After they close at 10pm that night, the ballot boxes will be assembled for vote counting. The results will be announced in the early hours of Friday, May 3.

It could be that Labour consolidates its hold on Bolton Council, or the people of Bolton might wake up find Bolton is in the hands of a Conservative administration for the first time since 1980.

Whatever happens, readers can follow all the excitement of the election count on The Bolton News website, where we will run a live blog on the night and deliver the results as they are announced.

In the meantime, here is a guide to all the candidates standing for election.

We have asked every party for 50 words from each candidate. Here, we have included words from all the candidates who sent in their submissions, plus the names of those also standing.


ASTLEY BRIDGE has three Conservative councillors. Cllr Paul Wild is up for re-election this year. There are five candidates running in Astley Bridge. They are:

Mohammed Akhtar, Independent

Warren Fox, Liberal Democrats

European Brand Protection Manager & Commercial Marketing from Astley Bridge

“Bolton and Astley Bridge is suffering because of Tory cuts, and Labour are unfairly allocating the majority of funding to their own wards, while other areas become neglected and rundown. Its time for a fresh voice to represent Astley Bridge, change how the council is run, and allocate funding fairly.”

Paul Gannon, UKIP

Steve Sutton, Labour

"I am dedicated to protecting our essential services. I work towards accountable, publicly-controlled public transport with various rail campaigns and Better Buses for Greater Manchester. I pledge to fight for NHS, fire, police and school funding. I will work to protect our Green Belt and champion Bolton's 'Brownfield First' urban regeneration."

Paul Wild, Conservatives

Retired Business Development Manager from Astley Bridge

“I’ve been honoured to serve the residents of Astley Bridge and I hope to continue representing them if re-elected. I want to fight for fair funding in Astley Bridge, to see our green belt protected, campaign for more police on our streets, improvements to our roads and wage war on litter.”


BRADSHAW has three Conservative councillors. Cllr Stuart Haslam is up for re-election. There are six candidates running in Bradshaw. They are:

Kirith Ahluwalia, Labour

Laura Diggle, Green Party

Stuart Haslam, Conservatives

Retired Businessman from Bradshaw

“My priorities are for Bradshaw to get its fair share of the services provided by the council: improvement to the roads and pavements and the road safety issues; refurbishment of children’s play equipment in Longsight Park; preservation of the green belt and open spaces; action to tackle the anti-social behaviour.”

Stephen Howarth, Liberal Democrats

Eric Hyland, Independent

Retired cabin service director from Harwood

“I’m standing as an Independent to offer the electorate a choice from the badly failing main parties. Theresa May said we would leave the EU on 29 March then 12 April then 22 May now 31 Oct. Massive incompetence. UKIP have had five leaders in three years, hopeless. Labour, dithering.”

Chris Marcroft, UKIP


BREIGHTMET became a mixed ward last year when Cllr Adele Warren won a seat for the Conservatives. Cllr John Byrne became the only Labour councillor in the ward when Cllr Debbie Newall resigned from the party in November. There are five candidates running in Breightmet. They are:

Trish Bolton, Green Party

“I’m a believer in change. I feel that I can make a difference and want to have local issues solved for local people. I want to tackle fly tipping and its causes. Potholes on all Breightmet roads and to look at what we can recycle.”

John Byrne, Labour

“Local Labour is regenerating Bolton town centre, with over £1 billion of private investment into housing, jobs and retail. As your local Breightmet Councillor, I will do all that I can to ensure that Breightmet residents share the benefits of this major transformation of our town centre.”

Beverley Fletcher, Conservative

Legal Secretary from Breightmet

“I’ve spent many hours working in our community, speaking with residents who tell me Breightmet has been neglected for far too long. We need to clean up Breightmet, have a more visible police presence – tackling the menace of off-road bikes. I will be accessible, working and volunteering.”

Elizabeth Turner, Liberal Democrats

Food industry worker from Horwich

“Breightmet has for too long been let down by its councillors and I want to give every resident here the opportunity to vote Lib Dem and I promise to your views seriously.”

Ryan Wood, UKIP


BROMLEY CROSS has three Conservative councillors. Cllr Norman Critchley is standing down. There are five candidates running in Bromley Cross. They are:

Matthew John Allen, Liberal Democrats

Energy industry worker from Horwich

“I’m running to help improve Bolton and give local residents a chance to vote for a Lib Dem councillor who will put their interests first.”

Samantha Jayne Connor, Conservative

Homemaker from Egerton

“It’s all about community for me. I’m involved in many local groups in the ward, where I’ve lived and brought up my family, and feel as a councillor I can contribute more. To fight for better roads, protecting our green belt, for more funding and better services for Bromley Cross.”

James Entwistle-Wilkinson, Labour

Liz Spencer, Green Party

“Bromley Cross is a beautiful place! To keep it that way we need to build the right homes in the right places to the highest standards. We need to reduce congestion and pollution by promoting and prioritising active transport in conjunction with efficient unified public transport.”

William Roger Townshend, UKIP


CROMPTON has three Labour councillors. Cllr Guy Harkin is standing down. There are five candidates running in Crompton. They are:

Jeff Armstrong, UKIP

“The mainstream betrayed you on Brexit, do not let them betray you in Bolton too!”

Dan Bolton, Green Party

Michael George Langdon, Liberal Democrats

Martin McMulkin, Labour

“Honesty, integrity and accountability are the three things I want to bring back to local politics. I have over 30 years’ experience of representing people inside and outside the workplace which enables me to provide a strong and resilient voice for all of the residents of Crompton.”

Siraj Patel, Conservative

Gas Engineer from Crompton

“I live in the heart of Crompton and want to be a visible councillor for all residents. I want to bring back some of the valuable youth and community centres our area has lost. I want to see more funding for roads and pavements and to clean up the area.”


FARNWORTH’S only remaining Labour councillor is up for re-election. The other two ward councillors, who were both elected last year, are members of Farnworth and Kearsley First. There are six candidates running to be a councillor in Farnworth. They are:

Simon Collins, The For Britain Movement

Housing-related worker from Farnworth

“Neither left or right wing, ‘For Britain’ will return some sanity to a world gone mad. Common sense politics. For Britain – A democratic populist party believes in the preservation of traditional British liberties. Brexit Now. No More Mosques. End Public Sector Waste. Equality Under the Law. Full manifesto online.”

John Steven Cotter, UKIP

Jean Gillies, Labour

“Only Labour can guarantee over £4m in regeneration cash for Farnworth. A vote for F&K at this election risks putting the Tories in power. Farnworth people have never touched the Tories because they are open about removing funds from Farnworth. Only a vote for me can stop this from happening.”

Jennifer Kirk, Conservative

Writer and Broadcaster from Tonge Moor

“Everyone now acknowledges that Farnworth has been neglected. And Labours new found interest is cynical and too little too late. The Farnworth Masterplan is welcome but must have full involvement from local residents. Local people making local decisions. Let’s clean our streets, repair our roads and protect our identity.”

Christine MacPherson, Liberal Democrats

Retired Public Relations Consultant from Smithills

“I do have a connection with Farnworth in that when we moved to the Bolton area in 1977 we joined Farnworth Little Theatre and still have connections there. We’ve both acted, helped back stage and served on the management committee.”

Lisa Weatherby, Farnworth and Kearsley First

National Administration Manager from Farnworth

“This election offers the opportunity for Farnworthians to secure a clean sweep of F&KF Councillors – with three in total. I feel that our Party is the only one truly looking after Farnworth’s interests – and Farnworth residents continuing to support F&KF’s endeavours will mean a more positive future.”


GREAT Lever has three Labour councillors. Cllr Madeline Murray is up for re-election. There are four candidates running in Great Lever. They are:

David Figgins, Green Party

Arfan Khan, Conservative

Businessman from Haulgh

“I will be an accessible councillor at the heart of Great Lever. A priority will be getting the area cleaned up, repairing our broken roads and tackling antisocial behaviour. Keen to work closely with schools and youth teams to encourage our children to succeed in today’s world.”

Duncan MacPherson, Liberal Democrats

Retired adult skills tutor from Smithills

“I am running to allow voters in Great Lever ward to vote Liberal Democrat for a better Council.”

Madeline Murray, Labour

“I have worked tirelessly for the Great Lever community and secured funding for a replacement building for the old Bradford Road Carnegie building. I am also proud, in my capacity as chair of licensing, to keep the travelling public safe from a small minority of rogue taxi drivers.”

Derek Mark Wunderley, UKIP


HALLIWELL has three Labour councillors. Council leader Linda Thomas is up for re-election. There are six candidates running in Halliwell. They are:

Yasir Waseem Faisal, Conservative

Barber from Crompton

“I wish to represent all the people of Halliwell who have been let down in the past. I will be available for everyone to contact and will keep residents updated on the issues that I will be tackling for them.  We need a cleaner environment, better roads and more facilities.”

John Falch, Liberal Democrats

Engineer from Doffcocker

“I am standing to allow voters in Halliwell ward who demand better, to vote Liberal Democrat for a better Council & elect a centrist, pro-business, pro-people taxpayer, a representative of the 90%, middle of the road people, not an extremist, ie Labour, Conservative, UKIP…”

Sandra Harvey, UKIP

Anthony Massey, Independent

Carer from Halliwell

“I stand for the silent majority and for public ownership of the government, the police, social services, our water, energy supplies and public transport and to cut student fees in half and confront global warming beginning with winning the vote for over 16s and opening free youth clubs everywhere.”

Pamela Spurling, Green Party

Linda Thomas, Labour

Council leader from Westhoughton

“I have served Halliwell since 1995. Halliwell has seen many changes with new and extended schools plus a popular Children Centre. Homes have been regenerated and a Neighbourhood Centre has seen thousands of people helped. I understand residents’ needs and wants to continue with this important personal support.”


HARPER Green has three Labour councillors. Cllr Sue Haworth is standing for re-election. There are seven candidates running in Harper Green. They are:

Matthew Barnes, Green Party

Peter Flitcroft, Farnworth and Kearsley First

Company Director from Farnworth

“Our Party will only truly be complete when we secure the ward of Harper Green. Many people in the Harper Green area of Farnworth genuinely want their town’s Party (F&KF) to represent them and fight for their issues and I feel that this election is that golden opportunity.”

David Harvey, UKIP

Susan Haworth, Labour

“I’m visible and achieving all the year round not just at election time. I provide confident representation for residents, blunt words as needed, from planning to potholes. I have a real zeal to improve our neighbourhood, see austerity mitigated here and ensure residents have good access to skills and jobs.”

Harun Abdullahi Mohamed, Independent

Teaching assistant and Exam Invigilator from Harper Green

“I believe the real voices of our community are yet to be heard. I firmly believe great days are ahead of us and it requires a fresh leadership of an independent candidate, serving in the interest of you and not a political party to do so!”

Robert Tyler, Conservative

Science Teacher from Farnworth

“I live in Harper Green and I will fight for the issues that matter to local people; the condition of our roads and footways, the standards in our schools, targeting anti-social behaviour, access to health care and provisions for our young and old. I will be involved in my community.”

Kevin John Walsh, Liberal Democrats

Customer Experience executive from Harper Green

“Just like the residents of Harper Green, the Liberal Democrats demand better. Harper Green has been one of those areas largely ignored by both Labour and the Tories for over a decade, with high levels of poverty throughout the area. I want to provide residents with the voice.”


Heaton and Lostock has three Conservative councillors. Cllr Bob Allen is up for re-election. There are five candidates running in Heaton and Lostock. They are:

Bob Allen, Conservative and Unionist

Retired Electrical Contractor from Markland Hill

“Roads, green spaces and infrastructure are as important in Heaton & Lostock as any other ward and I pledge to fight for a fairer share of council resources. I will strive to ensure developments comply with planning legislation and maintain the ward’s character. Heaton & Lostock is the best place to live in Bolton.”

John Gillatt, Labour and Co-Operative

“I’ve lived in the Heaton and Lostock for over 30 years. I ask for your support on May 2 and I ask that you defend and extend our green belt with me and reject Tory plans to build on it. Only Labour can guarantee no new homes on Green Belt.”

Sue Priest, Liberal Democrats

Retired pharmaceuticals director from Smithills

“I am standing to allow voters in Heaton & Lostock ward to vote Liberal Democrat and make their voices heard and demand better. Better fair and equitable funding to all wards.”

Heather Rylance, Green Party

Daniel Wheatley, UKIP


HORWICH and Blackrod became a mixed ward last year when Cllr Susan Baines won a seat for the Conservatives. Labour councillor Stephen Pickup is up for re-election. There are six candidates running in Horwich and Blackrod. They are:

Michael Baines, Conservative and Unionist

Retired Royal Mail Worker from Horwich

“My main priorities are the protection of our green spaces, and the infrastructure issues we have locally. I’ll fight for fairer funding as under Labours formula our area always loses out, a more visible police presence and ensure residents have their say on the future of the new health centre.”

Samantha Chadwick, UKIP

Keith Cocker, Green Party

“Keith has lived in Horwich for more than 30 years. He believes Horwich is a wonderful place to live but it can only thrive if decisions are made focussed on the needs of its people and its environment. The Green Party stands for these.”

Rebecca Forrest, Liberal Democrats

Science tutor from Bolton

“I am standing for Horwich and Blackrod because I am disgusted by the way the incumbent councillors have sidelined our borough’s outlying towns. I want to make sure that my friends in Blackrod and Horwich get a fair deal and transparency from their councillors.”

Stephen Pickup, Labour

“I’m an established Horwich resident, proud to represent the residents of Horwich and Blackrod ward since 2010; championing our two towns’ strong identities; safeguarding local amenities and services, despite Tory funding cuts; making representations on your behalf such as protecting the green belt and securing investment in Horwich and Blackrod.”

Peter Wright, Horwich and Blackrod First Independents

Online retailer, Horwich

“Standing as a HBFI because the current Labour-controlled Bolton Council does not listen to Horwich and Blackrod. Our priorities are fair funding and investment in Horwich. No more house building on parks, playing fields and green spaces. Use of public money to be fully transparent and accountable.”


Marie Brady, Horwich and Blackrod First Independents

Civil Engineer from Horwich

“Standing as a HBFI because the current Labour controlled Bolton Council does not listen to Horwich. Our priorities are fair funding and investment in Horwich. No more house building on parks, playing fields and green spaces. Use of public money to be fully transparent and accountable.”

Zak Brown, UKIP

Joyce Kellett, Labour

“I’ve lived in Horwich for over 50 years, raised my family here and supported our proud town, serving on Horwich Visiting Service, St Elizabeth’s events team and Rotary, raising money for local charities, attending resident meetings, listening to concerns such as defending our green spaces and extending Green Belt.”

Rod Riesco, Green Party

Freelance Translator from Horwich

“Stop trashing our environment for private profit. Don’t waste time on petty squabbles between Labour, Tories and Lib Dems. Let’s work together locally and nationally for a future of sustainable shared prosperity, for us and our children’s children.”

Emily Siddall, Conservative and Unionist

Communications Officer, Bromley Cross

“I will do my upmost to fight for fairer funding for the area and to be open and accessible as your councillor. Horwich has seen increases in housing, including on our green spaces, with inappropriate investment in the schools and health and leisure facilities needed to support them.”

Gordon Stone, Liberal Democrats

Semi-retired tutor

“He was elected to Horwich Town Council two years ago and has a passion for improving the quality of life for everyone in Horwich. He wants to now extend this passion to the rest of Bolton where he sees that people of both will benefit from a more balanced council.”


HULTON is a mixed ward. Cllr Toby Hewitt won the Conservatives’ second seat in the ward at a by-election last year. The only remaining Labour councillor in Hulton, Cllr Shafaqat Shaikh, is up for re-election. There are four candidates running in Hulton. They are:

Derek Bullock, Conservative

Retired British Gas Engineer from Westhoughton

“If elected I would continue taking action on litter, flytipping, antisocial behaviour and ensuring roads and pavements get repaired. Road safety is a priority and fighting for fairer funding for Hulton. A major priority for me is the protection of our greenbelt and the conservation of Hulton Park.”

Derek Gradwell, Liberal Democrats

Shafaqat Shaikh, Labour

“I’m proud to represent and raise my young family in Hulton. I rejected Tory plans to build on Hulton’s green belt, supported more than 5,500 jobs at Logistics North and secured over £50k investment for local priorities – five times more than previous funding – which Tories tried to block.”

Wendy Ann Shepherd, Green Party

“As Green Party candidate if elected I will bring a new approach to the Council. Not having to follow a party line, I am free to truly represent the residents of Hulton Ward. I will fight to save our Green Spaces from development.”


KEARSLEY is a mixed ward with councillors from three parties. Cllr Liam Irving is standing down leaving the Labour seat up for grabs. There are six candidates in this ward. They are:

Kamaran Fathulla, Conservative

Teacher from Stoneclough

“I live in Stoneclough in the centre of the area. My priority is getting Kearsley its fair share of council funding and to return services to our area that have been closed under Labour. It’s a great community and I hope to restore some well-deserved pride back into the area.”

Connor Goodwin, Liberal Democrats

Sales Supervisor from Kearsley

“I’m running to provide an opportunity for people to vote for a Liberal Democrat locally, those who are alienated and frustrated with the current mix of Councillors and to also have a fresh, younger vision for the area as opposed to the existing rhetoric and action (or lack thereof).”

Paul Heslop, Farnworth and Kearsley First

Training Officer in Social Security from Kearsley

“I have long held the belief that Kearsley is being short-changed by Bolton Council – we pay in a lot more than we get back. My aim is to get services back in Kearsley along with engaging with as many residents/community groups to take Kearsley forward.”

Kevan Jones, Labour

Market stall trader from Kearsley

“Farnworthian by birth, born in New Bury, I attended Harper Green secondary. I’m a market stall trader by day. Working in the community, not in the town hall, is what drives me. I will lobby hard for more investment. Already, £80,050 is coming back to Kearsley.”

William Pilkington, UKIP

Amy Louise Wunderley, UKIP


LITTLE Lever and Darcy Lever became a mixed ward last year when Cllr David Evans won a seat in the UKIP stronghold for Labour. UKIP leader Sean Hornby is up for re-election. There are four candidates running in Little Lever and Darcy Lever. They are:

Kevin Allsop, Labour

“As a local resident of over 20 years I recently opposed the Asphalt development; supported the health centre development and will consult the community on their preferred use of £1million already secured for local priorities. I will listen and be answerable to the constituents of Little Lever and Darcy Lever.”

Sean Hornby, UKIP

Pub landlord from Little Lever

“Represented the ward for 8 years, no stranger to the area I am a local person lived in the area for over 50 years run a public house the Queens Hotel in the area. Outspoken at times, passionate about the people I represent, fighting for a more fair distribution.”

David Meehan, Conservative

Music Teacher from Darcy Lever

“My priorities are the delivery of the Health Centre and combined Library with a large computer suite and community area. Lancashire Fusiliers to become custodians of the old Library which is also a war memorial. Return of neighbourhood policing to address speeding and crime hotspots.  Fairer funding for the ward.”

Kevin Mulligan, Liberal Democrats

Retired senior police officer from Heaton

“I am standing for the Liberal Democrats because I want to serve our community and believe they are the only party that can properly represent all the people of Bolton.”


RUMWORTH has three Labour councillors. Deputy leader Ebrahim Adia is up for re-election. There are four candidates running in Rumworth. They are:

Ebrahim Adia, Labour and Co-operative

“It has been a real pleasure to serve Rumworth as your Councillor for the past 16 years. I have focused on securing additional resources which have been spent on community safety, street cleaning and supporting voluntary groups. I have developed strong partnerships with Police and health services to ensure they respond to your needs.”

Michael Armstrong, UKIP

Hafiz Tahir Butt, Conservative

Charles Cooper, Liberal Democrats

Retired chartered accountant from Heaton

“I want to allow all the voters of Bolton a chance to make a positive statement about the council’s future.”

Alan Johnson, Green Party

“I’ve lived in the ward for over 30 years, and am well aware of the problems facing residents. There’s a massive problem with flytipping in Rumworth which is not being addressed, I aim to tackle this head on if elected. We have many derelict sites that need development.”


SMITHILLS has two Liberal Democrat councillors. Former Lib Dem Carole Swarbrick, who became an independent councillor two years ago, is standing down.

Joe Harris, UKIP

Ruth Pitchford, Labour

“I’m an active trade unionist and Labour activist. I don’t shy away from difficult conversations and issues, therefore ensuring that what matters to the people of Smithills is my priority. I’m passionate about protecting the Green Belt, fighting for the NHS and social care and defending front-line services in Smithills.”

Samuel Rimmer, Conservative and Unionist

Civil Servant from Smithills

“I want to be a young voice, bringing new ideas and a fresh prospective to the Council. For many years, the Council has ignored the views of Smithills residents, under funded our local parks and ignored the maintenance of our local roads. I wish to return local politics into the hands of local people and ensure that residents receive the basic services that they rightly expect to receive.”

Garry Veevers, Liberal Democrats

General retail manager from Smithills

“The Liberal Democrats in Smithills have proved they listen to voters’ concerns, provide a strong voice for those concerns and work all year round to deliver for the residents of the ward. I want to continue that tradition by actively being a part of it.”


TONGE with the Haulgh has three Labour councillors. Mayor Elaine Sherrington is up for re-election. There are four candidates running in Tonge with the Haulgh. They are:

Rosalind Harasiwka, Liberal Democrats

Trevor Robin Martyn Jones, UKIP

Brian Matthews, Conservative

Royal Mail worker from Tonge Fold

“My top priority is increasing skills and job creation. Second, cleaning up our environment. Also crime. I’m committed to working with the police to tackle the drug dealers that operate freely in Tonge. The condition of our roads needs addressing. All big challenges, but I’ll be accessible, honest and accountable.”

Elaine Sherrington, Labour

“As a local Tonge Fold resident, I am proud to represent all of the residents of Tonge with the Haulgh. Under this Labour Council, we are at last beginning to see the start of our much needed regeneration of Bolton town centre, that will result in over £1bn of investment.”


WESTHOUGTON North with Chew Moor has three Conservative councillors. Cllr Zoe Kirk-Robinson is up for re-election. There are five candidates running in Westhoughton North with Chew Moor. They are:

Kieran Boardman, UKIP

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon, Liberal Democrats

Legal professional from Westhoughton

“Being a resident myself in the ward, I believe it’s time for a fresh voice, someone who understands local issues. Giving the residents change, it’s time Westhoughton had a fair share of the funds.”

Mike Jarvis, Labour

“I am committed to promoting affordable homes, defending and extending our green belt and helping our high street. Only Labour can guarantee the promise that no new homes will be built on Green Belt. I will also make sure Westhoughton businesses get the funding and resources they need to help our high street.”

Zoe Kirk-Robinson, Conservative

“My priorities are to continue defending our green belt from overdevelopment; to clean our town up by targeting litter, fly-tipping & vandalism; and to get our roads repaired.  Westhoughton has been neglected by the Labour Council for too long, we need action.”

Jack Speight, Westhoughton First Independents

“We are Westhoughton people. I think a lot of people are disillusioned. We’ll represent the whole community. If we give power back to the local community, I feel we can do a lot more.”


WESTHOUGHTON SOUTH is a mixed ward with two Labour councillors and one Lib Dem. Cabinet member David Chadwick is up for re-election. There are five candidates running in Westhoughton South. They are:

Jenny Armstrong, UKIP

David Chadwick, Labour

“I will continue to fight developers attempting to bulldoze our green belt such as the recently rejected Bowlands Hey plans. I’ve been proud to serve Westhoughton for 16 years. I ask for your support, please defend and extend our green belt with me and reject Tory plans to build in Westhoughton.”

Deirdrie McGeown, Liberal Democrats

Legal professional from Westhoughton

“I am standing for election because I believe it is time that Westhoughton got a fair deal from Bolton Council. Like many residents I am fed up with greedy house builders and the town’s crumbling roads.”

Pamela Naylor, Westhoughton First Independents

Martin Tighe, Conservative and Unionist

Senior Financial Analyst from Westhoughton

“I’m a born and bred Howfener. It would be an honour to represent our Westhoughton, and stand up to fight for our town, ignored by Labour. No more big housing developments; improved parking for Market Street and our train stations. Above all a fairer share of the council tax.”