A FEW weeks ago I wrote about Keith Harris who eventually became a joint winner in the Bolton Hospice Biggest Loser Challenge.

Since then I’ve had many comments on how he lost nearly three and a half stone in 11 weeks.

He decided to join the Challenge to raise money for an amazing local charity spurred on by his own personal health, fitness and wellbeing agenda.

That’s the importance of setting a really good goal, something that is going to be a constant reminder to you on those days where you feel like giving up or it’s all just a bit too much like hard work.

If you don’t have an end-goal which excites you enough you are less likely to achieve the results you really want.

The focus was then on his daily food intake, nutritional choices and how much movement he did. His first priority was to take out wine and bread, which he was having in excess and to cut down on his portion sizes.

Nothing fancy, no counting calories and weighing out grams of food. He was also very mindful of the quality of food he was eating and making sure he was eating plenty of protein and fresh vegetables.

Lastly, he initially started to walk the dog every day which soon started to see him drop the pounds. Once his fitness had improved he eventually stepped into my training studio for some private one to one sessions.

We worked on his mobility, fitness and strength which ramped up his results and I think he may even have enjoyed them a little bit!

Congratulations to Keith and well done for being an inspiration to others.