IT is fast becoming the go-to town for the world's leading filmmakers and television production companies and now Bolton is set to play another starring role in the world of film.

A new pop-up cinema has opened in Bolton to showcase the work of upcoming indepedent filmmakers from across the world.

It will launch on Thursday with its first international film festival.

Award-winning filmmaker Lee Bolton has created the 40-seat pop-up cinema in his new media centre Zoetrope in Gaskell Street, Bolton.

He said: "The main centre of Zoetrope is the 40 seat pop-up cinema.

"For the international film festival we received over 1,732 film to show.

"We have films from Italy, Iran and locally, they are only short films from upcoming filmmakers, which the general public would not normally have a chance to see.

"Festivals are normally attended by people in the industry and actors, not by the public.

"I think independent films are really exciting and interesting."

Grindhouse ­- named after the 70s US cinemas where back to back B-movies were shown ­- Film Festival will launch a regular showcase of indie films.

The dozen films for Thursday's launch will include those from Russia, American, Iranian and Italian filmmakers as well as those more local.

Lee, who is from Farnworth, said: "Every month we will show independent films.

"It was a very hard process to choose the films for Thursday I didn't want to say no. We have gone for a range of different films, some low budget [and] some which have had money spent on them.

"The films we didn't choose could be shown on future nights."

Films will include a short musical from Italy, and powerful film Dreams Under the Rubble, from Iran.

Lee said: "Bolton has a great arts background and is becoming a great film location ­— and as part of the festival we will have recorded interviews with the filmmakers.

"The festival will run from 7.30pm to 10.30pm."

In May Zoetrope will stage a two day festival on May 25 and 26.

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