AN 18-year-old threatened another man with a kitchen knife over an Xbox.

Lewis Chasle, was sentenced after threatening a man with a knife in a Doffcocker supermarket.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Chasle, of no fixed abode, followed Jamie Staggers into Doff supermarket in Chorley Old Road, in the midst of an argument over an Xbox.

Mr Staggers had taken money from Chasle, but had not given him the Xbox, the court heard.

Mr Staggers entered the shop on February 13 this year, closely followed by Chasle at around 12.45pm.

Prosecutor Simon Barrett said Mr Staggers revealed himself to be armed with a knife, dropping it on the floor of the shop soon after he entered.

The court was then shown CCTV footage from the shop, where the two males were seen to have a confrontation. The clip showed Chasle pull a knife from his waistband and struggle with Mr Staggers. Chasle chased Mr Staggers around the shop saying “I’m just going to do you here”, according to the prosecution.

Mr Staggers lifted a bottle to defend himself, and punches and kicks were exchanged.

Shop assistant and witness, Emma Watkinson, called the police.

Ms Watkinson described her fear that someone would be killed.

The prosecutor read a statement by Ms Watkinson, saying she was so scared that she could not move from behind the counter.

Mr Barrett told the court that Chasle was aware that Mr Staggers had his own knife and that was the reason for arming himself.

The knife was around eight inches long and was taken from the kitchen of the hostel he was staying in at the time.

Chasle already has a criminal record, having been involved in a number of commercial burglaries. Though, the defence pointed out that his previous convictions did not involve violence.

Judge Martin Walsh gave a stern warning, saying that the altercation could have resulted in serious harm.

He said: “When two men are armed with knives, it increased the chance of catastrophe occurring.”

The judge sentenced Chasle to 18 months in a youth offending institution for threatening with a bladed article.