TABLE Tennis Olympian, Andrea Holt was in Bolton yesterday to celebrate the launch of the new Ping Pong Parlour in Crompton Court.

Ms Holt, now a development officer for Table Tennis England said: “The Ping Pong Parlours are a great way for people in the community to come and play table tennis.

"It brings everyone from 'different backgrounds and different communities' to the hub so that anyone in isolation can go to feel better. It creates a good community environment.”

Often table tennis is inside a sports hall, or a room where it isn’t easily accessible, however Ms Holt said of the parlours: “It takes the sport to the people.”

Anybody from the ages of five to 100 can get involved and play, according to Ms Holt, who said it is proven that the sport helps people with motor neurone, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease as it grows new neurones in the brain.

She added: “Women enjoy playing in the parlour because it’s recreational and it’s fun. There’s no one watching what they’re doing.”

Elaine Sherrington, Mayor of Bolton said: “The beauty of table tennis is that it is ageless and anybody with a disability can play.”

The Crompton Place ping pong parlour is currently next to the Beaverbrooks store but the parlours have to move to different units around the shopping centre every six weeks.

So don’t be alarmed if the parlour isn’t in its usual place, it will have just moved down a few doors.

The parlour is open every day including weekends, and the bats and balls are free to use.