THE BBC'S decision to move Question Time from Bolton to London earlier this month has been criticised in parliament.

The Bolton West MP called for a debate over how well the BBC represents the country. The political programme was set to be filmed in the Albert Halls, but was moved at the last minute due to Brexit.

Chris Green MP said: “Given that the Question Time broadcast which was due to be shown from Bolton was cancelled in favour of London, can we have a debate on how well our national broadcaster represents the nation as a whole?”

Mr Green added: “It was really disappointing that Question Time was moved from Bolton to London and people across the town who secured tickets for the show are frustrated that they were unable to put their view to politicians.

“I will also be getting in touch with the BBC, to ask them when they intend to bring the show back to Bolton as I believe it’s really important that people get the opportunity to share their view and hold politicians to account.”